Women's / Men's / Kids'
Trendy, casual, young fashion
Vulcanised, sneakers, moccasins, oxford, blucher

VIVERO, 8 L20. 28040 MADRID
TEL:+34 676 787 625

BARQET was born in 2015 with the goal of recovering the Spanish-crafted footwear tradition by building a high quality, versatile and affordable shoe. At Barqet we are committed to adapting traditional shoe making processes into contemporary designs for today’s customers. After several collections, our shoes and designs have become the favourite amongst entrepreneurs, architects, and designers who have found that comfy, stylish, and functional everyday shoe that they have been seeking for a long time. Every pair of Barqet is handcrafted in Spain at some of the best traditional shoemaking factories in Europe. We feature factories with several decades in business dedicated to creating high quality artisanal products.