YOKONO / Nassima by Yokono

[MICAM] 6G38/H25

Women's / Men's / Kids'
Casual, young fashion, comfort
Boots, ankle boots, moccasins, oxfords, bluchers, special sizes

TEL:+34 965 435 699

What is YOKONO? You are going to discover a leading brand in design and manufacture of footwear. Yokono combines experience and youth in a new concept that easily adapts to the times we live in.

Yokono is a leading company that has been producing shoes since 1981 and it is a leading manufacturer of bio models. The brand is characterized by producing all the products in Spain. Yokono's designs are made with the experience of generations of artisans of footwear, in addition to natural quality materials.

Yokono's collections are characterized by their colors and the use of natural furs. It is an urban footwear which is designed to combine comfort and design. To do this, Yokono uses quality materials because the perfection of their shoes is the most important thing for the brand.