[MICAM] 5N25

Women's / Men's
Trendy, casual, comfort
Boots, ankle boots, moccasins, sandals, espadrilles, avarcas, ballerinas, oxfords, bluchers, bags

CALLE AGUACATE, 23, 2º - 1ª. 28044 MADRID
TEL:+34 607 765 516
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In Barminton we are one big family. With the collaboration of all, we create quality shoes, inspired by contemporary design for all kind of women. Today’s woman needs fashion but also comfort. Barminton enables you both. We produce comfortable shoes, because your comfort and design are our priority.

Our shoes are produced entirely by hand in Spain. We know that small details make the difference. Our goal is quality. Our designs and production process are geared for it, thanks to the wide experience of our human team and the use of the latest technology.